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       Lilash Equestrian

Training Services


Problem Horses

Colt Starting

Western Discipline

Confidence Building

Ground Work

Booking available for July 2022

*Pre-booking available. Call 519-660-9719

We not only help your horse, we can help you too!

Lilash Equestrian offers training in many western disciplines:


Western Pleasure


All of the western games





Handling youngsters

Confidence building (both horse and/or rider)

Each horse‚Äôs training program is tailored to his or her individual temperament and ability. They will never be pushed along faster than they can handle. My philosophy is focusing on the horse's mind first and then combining the body. A horse that is tense, unhappy, or in a bad state of mind does not result in a good riding partner or competitor. Included is hacking outside the ring to give the horse a time to relax and take a break. 

This methodical, step-by-step approach provides the structure necessary for growth and improvement which in turn creates a more confident, well-trained, long lasting horse.

Providing this strong foundation and making sure the horse is well prepared for its task at hand gives the horse the confidence and ability to move up the levels with ease.

Fee per month includes:

  • *Full* board (in, out, grain-if provided, etc.)
  • Daily turnout alone or with others
  • Training 5 days a week
  • One lesson under-saddle
  • One groundwork lesson before the end of the month
  • Discounts on additional lessons

I will ensure that you have a complete understanding of how your horse best works and how to continue to move forward with him/her at home.

Each horse that leaves Lilash Equestrian is soft and responsive, a pleasure to work around and ready and willing for whatever you want to do.

Very reasonable rates, come and let me help you and your horse succeed together!

[email protected]

(519) 660-9719