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       Lilash Equestrian


You know you have a great farrier when your vet says your horse has wonderful feet. Last year my horse Blackie started becoming lame on her front left hoof. After months of tests and a small fortune in vet bills the ugly truth was navicular. A friend told me about Alyssa and her barefoot trimming. One phone call and she was out to see her. She took pics,videos and a copy of the xrays and started trimming right away. The difference is amazing. I was told she wouldn t be sound again witch only made Alyssa more determined. She also helped my other horse Bud with his wall separation. ALL WITH NO SHOES!!! I love that. Alyssa you truly have an amazing talent and I am glad to have you as my world class farrier and a friend. 5 STARS all around. Sarah Nairn St.Marys ONQuotes

sarah nairn


Alyssa did a great job with my horse. The mare was 8 years old and basically unstarted. We talked about the approach and Alyssa openly communicated with me along the way. At 30 days she had the horse going very nicely. I am now able to ride her and feel confident that she has the basics done right on her. Thank you!!Quotes

Nicki Stanton

Happy Customer

Lilash is the ideal training facility in my opinion. Alyssa not only works with the horse but works with the owner to get down to the root of any issues or concerns. My horse, Sinnamon, came to me green and worried about minor things. After some one on one time with her, Alyssa was able to identify some underlying issues and now Sinnamon is a successful trail horse with a wonderful mind set! I highly recommend Alyssafor all your horse training needs :)Quotes


I am now on my second horse for training. As always I will end up with an amazing horse. Bella is only 3 and is turning out out to be probably the best horse I will ever have. This time I started her with Alyssa early instead of waiting too long!! If you have any doubts, you must come and spend time at Lilash!! Best ever. I have now been going to Alyssa for almost 4 years. I will never go anywhere else. She is worth every penny spent!! I am amazed I can continue to learn as well!! Such a Talented girl!!Quotes

Yolanda Mundt

Best place to ride ever!!

I want to thank Alyssa for all the work she has done with Cassidy. She has taken my young, skittish horse and turned him into a more relaxed, confident riding partner. Before sending him to Alyssa he was nervous, easily distracted and unpredictable. He is now relaxed and soft in all his gaits, he moves out easily, and is overall more calm and easy to ride, both in the arena and on the trail. I really appreciate all the work you've done, my horse now has a great training base from which I hope to continue to improve. Thanks so much,Quotes

Stephanie H

Three years ago my new horse was delivered to me and in the process received a fractured skull, she was delivered on a ramp load trailer. Understandably she was not willing to load anytime soon. Three years later and countless hours of trying we still had never got her on our ramp load trailer. I contacted Alyssa and within 10 minutes, Opal quietly loaded on the trailer. There was no force or fuss. When we arrived at Alyssa's farm for training, Opal was loaded on and off the trailer, again with the same results. Opal was loading and unloading like she had done it a million times. Next it was my turn! With instruction from Alyssa, I successfully loaded my horse for the first time. I was thrilled! We are confident that the rest of Opal's training with Alyssa, will be just as rewarding. THANK YOU.Quotes

Denise T

.....I know my mom already told you how good Bud is but I want to personally thank you for what you did with him. I can't even explain how happy and impressed I am. He is a total different horse. He is so calm and everything I ask him to do he does it, doesn't put up a fuss or anything. And he looks amazing, he's in such good shape. Thank you so much.Quotes

Holly B

I want to thank Alyssa for all the work she has done with Missy. She has turned a green horse into a wonderful riding partner. Alyssa is amazing. What a talented young lady. We will see her name in lights in the future!!Quotes

Yolanda M

.....Another summer of trail riding has ended and I wanted to thank you for the endless hours of enjoyment you have provided for me by training my horse. I sent you a green horse that was starting to cause me problems on the trail. Your training not only corrected the problems but gave my horse a new attitude and a trustworthy trail horse.Quotes

Karen B.

Thank you Alyssa, for your expertise in picking out great horses and for your talent in ground work and training. Malarky is my dream horse. She is a joy to groom and work with, great on trails, she walks without hesitation onto the trailer, etc. She is a beautiful mover and will make a lovely dressage horse. It was a pleasure to deal with someone so honest and fair, who went that extra mile to make sure that I had the right horse. I really appreciate everything you did and wish you much success in your career with horses.Quotes

Sheilagh Marissink, Ingersoll Ontario.

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